David Wood Country
David Wood


1.  Simple Things:

Too much to do – too many things filling up our lives. “I ain’t been day dreamin’ too much lately, it’s not like me, it could be maybe, I need a change I need to find a river-bank, and a fishin’ hole, and take an old cane pole.” This was written by that prolific team of Alan Laney and Bill Graham in Nashville. It reminds us that Sometimes you gotta take a little time for the Simple Things. This is something that too many of us overlook with our “life in the fast lane.

2. Eighteen Wheels

A hard drivin’ trucker’s song with one of the best guitar solos ever by Jody Maphis. This truck isn’t just rollin’ down the road – it’s rockin’! And this truck driver is truly movin’ on to that pretty little girl down in Monroe – gonna call her from the docks when I pull in ….

3. I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me

This is a very special cut on this album. It originally was written by Guy Massey in 1920 as The Prisoner’s Song about a prisoner wishing over these prison walls I could fly. Now – and with the consent of the publisher – I have re-written the lyrics to reflect the dreams of that person who exists in so many saying: I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me …. Cause I’m Tired Of Being Alone. And – adding a special dimension on this recording are The Jordanaires singing the background harmonies. Even though they started recording around the early `50’s with Elvis – they still sound great.

4. From The Bottle To The Bottom

Kris Kristofferson has always been my favorite musical poet of my generation. I searched Kris’ catalogue of wonderful songs and found this gem. Some songs, when you hear them, strike a familiar chord and you wonder if the song was written for you….. Without confessing a thing – when I heard this song, I knew I had to record it.

5. Flower In The Desert

Again – another gem by Alan Laney and Bill Graham. When I select a song to record it’s usually because it fits nicely in some little corner of my life. I name no one in particular. However, in this corner – well – you know who you are. Sometimes I feel like a Flower In The Desert – bloomin’ alone like a motherless child. So far away in a prison of freedom – the only thing livin’ for hundreds of miles.

6. The Road Back To You (Is As Long As It Takes)

One of the finest songsmiths in Nashville is Carl Jackson. (We call him Grammy Boy for obvious reasons). He paid me the honor of letting me record this new song he wrote. “The road back to you, is as long as it takes.” Joining me on the harmonies, again, are The Jordanaires to add their special talents to the song. And, yes, I did have someone in mind when I sang this song, but again I name no one in particular. (Something about the Right To Remain Silent)

7.  Sayin’ Goodbye To The West:

This song was written by Lore Orion of Bandera, Texas. It tells the story of an old cowboy who realizes that his time has come. There’s a new cowboy ridin’ on the horizon, There’s no place for an old poke like me. So put me in a box, and lay me in the ground, cause I’m Sayin’ Good-Bye To The West. What at first blush is a sad tale turns into a very positive outlook of the future by this old guy If all heaven is, is pleasant memories, then I’ll be happy throughout eternity. And yes that is a real bagpipe at the end of the song.

3. I Ain’t Worth The Powder (To Blow Me To Hell Without You):

Written by Gib Guilbeau (Flying Burrito Bros.) and Max D. Barnes. This is the story of a singer, achieving fame and fortune, but he reminds himself who and what is really important in life. Here in the spotlight, my dreams have come true. But I Ain’t Worth The Powder To Blow Me To Hell Without You.

9. Stumblin’ and Fallin’

This is number 3 of 4 songs on this album written by Alan Laney and Bill Graham. It’s a tribute to all of those folks who are in love, and have been in love for a long long time. We stumbled in, to something we never expected. We’ve fallin’ so far, we’re still fallin’,…… We’ve got forever together, Stumblin’ and Fallin’ again. This is where I wish for all of us to be – now or in the future.

10. Old Enough To Be Somebody’s Hero

Ok – I confess – I cut this song because I really believed it was written for me, though it probably wasn’t. But it says what I want to say and I sing it as I want to say it. Old enough to be somebody’s hero. Feelin’ like I just reached my prime. Wonderin’ could I still be someone’s baby. Young enough to try it one more time. Aren’t we all just Young enough to try it one more time?

11. You Are My Love (A Wedding Song)

I wrote this song with a couple friends of mine in mind. It’s about time they got married – and – I hope I get to sing this song at their wedding. And, I hope it is sung at many other weddings – We pledged our life together, through good times and the bad. These dreams that we’ve built, well they’re all that we have. We know it won’t come easy, the years will pass by, but our love will survive, with God by our side.