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“I’d Die For You” Still Strong In Europe

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

After almost two months on the charts in Europe, “I’d Die For You” is still at #12 on the Hot Disc Top 40 Country Chart in Europe.

“I’d Die For You” Debut at #4 in Europe

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

“I’d Die For You” had a nice debut at #4 in Europe ….. Many thanks for the support of the fans, friends and radio in Europe to keep all of these records spending time in the Top 10 on the Hot Disc Top 40 Country Chart in Europe ……

August `12 Release – “I’d Die For You” – in Europe

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

“I’d Die For You” debuted at #6 last week in Europe and has MOVED UP to #4 this week on the European Hotdisc Top 40 Country Chart ….. Thank you DJ’s, Radio, Friends and Fans …. I’m looking forward to coming to Europe – perhaps next year ……. David

** One More Time – Uncensored Comments of the DJ’s In Europe

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Here it is – the good, the bad & the ugly. What do the DJ’s and Writers in Europe, Australia and Japan think of the “Beer Drinkin’ Song” …. Here are their comments – uncensored …. Evaluation is on scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best)

Rita Blackburn, Radio Star, Ireland Superb singer and song 10 Yes
Brian Sharman, Wycombe Radio, UK First class 10 Yes
Alex Pijnen, Zuidwest Radio, Holland Excellent 10 Yes
Rolf Hierath, Radio Rhein Welle, Germany Brilliant follow up to My Dash 10 yes
Jackie Blair, Country Music & Dance Magazine, UK High standard again 10 N/A
Graham McLeod, Black Diamond FM, UK Another hit for sure 10 Yes
John Murray, Castle FM, UK 10 marks out of 10 10 Yes
Ian Baikie, Irish Country Radio, UK Awesome 10 Yes
Sandy Watt, Waves Radio, UK 10 Yes
Doc Schulze, Radio Eurohertz, Germany Exceptional piece of music 10 Yes
John Bjoersvik, Radio Sotra, Norway A special release 10 Yes
Rouch Petur, Faroya Radio, Faroe Isles Excellent song 10 Yes
Eddie Ford, Phoenix FM, Australia Terrific 10 Yes
Kurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio, Austria Excellent drinking song 10 Yes

Stuart Cameron, CMR Nashville Radio, UK He’s done it again! He’s on a roll now! 9 Yes
Michael Haiselden, SLKO Radio, UK 9 Yes
Hans Mair, Radio Osttirol, Austria This is a brilliant song 9 Yes
Gerd Stassen, EVW Radio, Germany 9 Yes
Etienne Etienne, Radio Terre Franche, Belgium Excellent voice, he has also a very good music style 9 Yes
Ray Grundy, Metro Radio, UK His music sure hits the spot! This rowdy bar song is a great follow up to his last chart topper 9 Yes

Tommy Truesdale, West Sound Radio, UK Another great song from David 8 Yes
Graham Lees, Creative FM, UK Consistently good 8 Yes
Ros Ray, Forest FM, UK Another goodie 8 Yes
Gordon Davies, Radio Harron, UK Another hit 8 Yes
Mike Penard, ISA Radio, France 8 Yes
Arno Bierings, Eagle Radio, Holland Chart bound again – a big career ahead of him 8 Yes
David Callister, Manx Radio, UK 8 Yes
Richard Harte, Strabane Radio, Ireland Good radio play for this 8 Yes
Sean Green, Shine FM, Ireland Very good – I like it a lot 8 Yes
Bjarne Hessellbjerggaard, Radio Sindal, Denmark This is very good 8 Yes
Erwin Schapendonk, Centraal FM, Holland Good singing but also a good song 8 yes
Myriam Pardaens, Cool FM, Belgium 8 Yes
Al Field, Shoalhaven FM Radio, Australia Real country 8 Yes
Barry Wass, Inner FM Radio, Australia 8 Yes
Ricky Lee, Warminster Radio, UK Very good 8 Yes
Phil Roberts, KCR Radio, UK 8 Yes
Friedrich Hog, Radio Free FM, Germany 8 Yes
Dann Hansen, Radio Roskilde, Denmark Pure country music with heart and soul 8 Yes
Abel Stel, Radio Nashville, Holland Very good 8 Yes
Bob Ward, Branch FM Radio, UK 8 Yes
Max Achatz, Country Circle Magazine, Germany 8 N/A
Maurice Needham, Live DJ, UK Very nice 8 Yes
Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK Great to hear David again, he provides us with some wonderful material to listen to and enjoy, really appreciate this modern tongue in cheek bar room fun song 8 Yes
John Harrold, BCR FM, Ireland 8 Yes
Ray James, Somervalley FM, UK 8 Yes
Gerry Warren, 974 Radio, Australia 8 Yes
Per Rodal, Radio Midt-Norge, Norway Really like this 8 Yes
June Williams, KHBW Radio, USA 8 Yes
Erik Topholm, Country Kanalen Radio, Denmark I will play this a lot 8 Yes
Brian Lewis, Hobart FM, Tasmania Good clear country voice, very good swinging beat, good backing 8 Yes

Alan Potter, Tempo FM Radio, UK Good country sound 7 Yes
Ian Ashcroft, Linedance DJ, UK Happy song 7
Martin Van der Laan, Radio Compagnie, Holland 7 Yes
Alan Priestley, Live DJ, UK Like the deep voice and party feel 7 Yes
Sven-Olaf Svensson, Best FM, Sweden 7 Yes
Rein Wortelboer, Peelgrass Radio, Holland 7 Yes
Ray Williams, South End Radio, Malta 7 Yes
Lucien Boes, VRW Radio, Belgium Good song and good singing 7 Yes
Eric Pimlatt, Cross Country magazine, UK 7 N/A
Lee Williams, CMR & Radio, UK 7 Yes
Marion Lacroix, Radio Arc-en-Ciel, France 7 Yes
Barry Gower, Coast FM Radio, Australia 7
Marie Crichton, BBC Radio Shropshire, UK Nice song, moves along well 7 Yes
Lucien Knapen, Radio Ariane, Belgium 7 Yes
Jacques Dufour, Radio Lyon 1, France Well done 7 Yes
Maurice Hope, Rock n Reel Magazine, UK Great song, as fans of Lacy J Dalton
(with whom Wood wrote the song) will attest. A fine, back to the barroom
sound and though nice to hear Wood he produces nothing new here 7 N/A
Michael Schroeter, Radio Herford, Germany 7 Yes
Mike Shepherd, 7 Waves Radio, UK Catchy and good 7 Yes
Stewart Fenwick, Celtic Music Radio, UK Good country sound 7 Yes
Roel Stabler, Havenstaad FM, Holland 7 Yes
Ted Munslow, Live DJ, UK 7 Yes
David Miller, Puketapu Radio, New Zealand 7 Yes
Steve Snelling, Radio Hafren, UK 7 Yes

Barry Dixon, Now Dig This Magazine, UK 6 N/A
Helen MacPherson,, Moray Firth Radio, UK 6
Veronica Capaldi, WHCR Radio, UK 6
Richard Kirk, Linedancer Magazine, UK 6 N/A
Keith Greentree, BBC Radio Norfolk, UK 6
Allan Watkiss, UK Country Radio, UK Slightly cheesy but still good 6
Robert MacMillan, Nevis Radio, UK 6 Yes
Herbert Fischer, Kanalen FM, Denmark Yes, good beat 6 Yes
Peter Hills, Radio Waves, France 6
Paul Hazell, Radio Uckfield FM, UK Classic country 6 Yes
Mick Smith, MS Radio, UK 6
Bart Van der Pol, VLOK Radio, Holland 6 Yes
Lorraine Pfitzner, Radio 2 You FM, Australia 6 Yes
Adrian Clark, Country Music News International, UK A good singalong after a few drinks 6
Parko Parkinson, QBN FM Radio, Australia 6 Yes
Colin Roke, CMR Nashville, UK 6

Phil Walsh, CRMK Radio, UK 5 Yes
Paul West, Hope FM, UK 5
John Staff, Mid Downs Radio, UK 5
Derek Taylor, Radio Caroline, UK 5
Goran Ohlzon, Enkoping FM Radio, Sweden 5 Yes
Olov Lindgren, Radio Avesta, Sweden Good artist, the song not his best though 5
Alan Bartram, North Norfolk Radio, UK 5

Derrick Mulford, Linedance, DJ, UK 4
John Craven, BCMI Radio, UK 4 Yes
Nigel Rennie, BFBS Radio, Cyprus 4
Brette Dominique, Triangle FM, France 4

New “Beer Drinkin’ Song” Video

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

A new “Beer Drinkin’ Song” video has been added on the right side of the Home Page of our Website here … Check it out …..

“Beer Drinkin’ Song” – Europe Debut at #5

Monday, May 7th, 2012

New Release – “Beer Drinkin’ Song” has a debut at #5 on the Hotdisc Top 40 Country Chart in Europe. 5/06/2012

And Yet Another #1 – “My Dash” – IndieWorld Chart

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

This is the third chart in the U.S. this week to place “MY DASH” at Number 1 – The IndieWorld Chart …. all of this after “MY DASH” spent three weeks at #1 in Europe on the HotDisc Top 40 Chart.

Add Another #1 Chart to “My Dash” – NMW Indie Country Chart

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Well – don’t look now but the New Music Weekly Indie Country Chart has also put “My Dash” at #1 this week …. It doesn’t get any better than this.

“My Dash” – #1 in US – New Music Weekly Main Country Chart

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

How very cool for “My Dash” to go #1 on the New Music Weekly Country Main Chart. This is the second straight single by David to go Number 1 on this chart (Remember “Ride The Wild West (Cowabunga)?” ….

“My Dash” – #1 in Europe for 3 Weeks

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

After a strong debut at #3 …… “My Dash” has reached and remained #1 on the European Hotdisc Top 40 Country Chart for three straight weeks now … sales and airplay have been strong. (3/17/12)