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David Wood


If It’s David Wood — It’s Country


 Who is David Wood and where did he come from?

 Once upon a time – there was a little town in California called Los Angeles.  It was the home of “Country and Western Music.”   …   That’s right – “Country and Western Music.”   And, that’s because most of the music came from artists who were performing in the “Western” movies.   And – the movies were made and produced in this little town out west.    There were names Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, The Sons of the Pioneers, and many others making “Country and Western Music.”

Then came the live performance venues – Spade Cooley at the Santa Monica Ballroom – Cliffie Stone’s Hometown Jamboree,  Town Hall Party,  Riverside Rancho and many many other “live” venues playing “Country and Western Music.”  

When one asks the question, “How does someone from Los Angeles grow up to love and sing Country Music – The answer is simple.   If they were born in this little “western” town in the `40’s or `50’s …. they were born into the lively little heart of “Country and Western Music” and that influence, at an early stage of life,  never leaves the soul.  “Once country – Always country.”

 The answer to the question is:   David Wood is someone who was born into the heart of Country and Western Music in that little western town – next to the pacific ocean – in California.  And, for the rest of his life, he has stayed true to his roots and followed “Country and Western Music” ….  even as the “Western movies” disappeared,  the music became simply “Country Music,” and it’s center of focus has moved on to other parts of the country.   (Even the Academy of Country Music was originally called the “Academy of Country and Western Music”  when it was founded at the Palladium Ballroom in Hollywood – which is a little local community in that little western town in California.)  

So – David is … and always has been ….. “country to the bone!”

 ( – Stay Tuned – More to Come – )

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THEY SAY:    “IF IT’S DAVID WOOD …. IT’S COUNTRY”    And – it’s gonna stay that way !!!    Hope you enjoy my music …… David