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**Unsensored – Reviews & Evaluation of “Bottle To The Bottom” – From Europe

“Bottle To The Bottom” Evaluations – Hotdisc – 10/18/11

The ratings are marked as follows…
10 Excellent; 8 Very Good; 6 Good; 4 Fair; 2 Below Average.
Ref / Reviewer / Comments / Points / Airplay

Brian Sharman, Wycombe Radio, UK Great version of this track 10 Yes
Urbain van Geerteruy, Radio Beeiard, Belgium Excellent version 10 Yes
Per Rodal, Radio Midt – Norge, Norway Superb song 10 Yes
Hans Mair. Radio Osttirol, Austria Excellent 10 Yes
Alex Pijnen, Zuidwest Radio, Holland Excellent 10 Yes
Maurice Needham, Live Country DJ, UK Superb track 10 Yes
Ray Pannach, Coast FM, Australia This song prompted me to buy two of his CDs 10 yes
Etienne Berthels, Radio Terre Franche, Belgium Excellent singer with a superb voice, very nice 10 Yes
Steve Snelling, Radio Hafren, UK 10 from me 10 Yes
Kurt Gabriel, Radio Theben, Austria Excellent 10 Yes
Graham McLeod, Black Diamond FM, UK Terrific voice and song 10 Yes
Petur Rouch, Faroya Radio, Faroe Islands Very good in many ways 9 yes
David Callister, Manx Radio, UK First class 9 Yes
Dann Hansen, Radio Roskilde, Denmark Great honky tonk music and David has the voice to sing this kind of country 9 Yes
Alen Priestley, Linedance DJ, UK Old style C&W – nothing wrong with that when it’s this good 9 Yes
Barry Dixon, Now Dig This Magazine, UK Should do very well for David 8 N/A
Sean Green, Shine FM, Ireland, UK Very Good strong song 8 Yes
Robert MacMillan, Nevis Radio, UK He’s becoming a regular on my programmes 8 Yes
Lee Williams, CMR Nashville Radio, UK 8 Yes
John Morris, Trust AM Radio, UK 8 Yes
John Brookfield, Pathfinder Magazine, UK Nice lively number 8 N/A
Olov Lindgren, Kountry Korral Magazine, Sweden Fantastic performance 8 N/A
Graham Lees, Creative FM, UK Very good voice and very good version of this song 8 Yes
Marie Crichton, BBC Radio Shropshire, UK David Wood stands for quality 8 Yes
Bjarne Hesselbjerggaard, Radio Sindal, Denmark Lovely version, nice clear voice 8 Yes
Patrick Molis, Radio IDFM, France 8 Yes
Lorraine Pfitzner, Radio 2 You FM, Australia Great track 8 Yes
Pietro Scazzola, Radio Gold, Italy A fine effort once again 8 Yes
Maurice Hope, RocknReel Magazine, UK It took me a couple of plays to fully appreciate this bright and breezy country romp, but now I just can’t get enough of the little blighter as Wood, in the company of country guitar and an excellent rhythm section and harmonica, shines clear and bright 8 N/A
Myriam Perdaens, Cool FM, Belgium Very good track 8 Yes
Gerd Stassen, EVW Radio, Germany 8 Yes
Eric Pimlatt, Cheshire FM, UK It moves along nicely 8 Yes
Rein Wortelboer, Peelgrass Radio, Holland It grows after few plays 8 Yes
Erwin Schapendonk, Centraal FM, Holland That’s real country the way we love it 8 YesRay James, Somervalley FM, UK Bouncy track, like it. Very Good radio song 8 Yes
Marion LaCroix, Radio Arc-en-Ciel, France Nice rhythm 8 Yes
Alan Potter, Tempo FM Radio, UK Great song, well sung 8 Yes
Dieter Trenkler, Radio Welle Niederrhein, Germany I’m a fan thanks to Hotdisc giving me access to this great singer 8 yes
Mike Penard, ISA Radio, France I loved this 8 Yes
Colin Roke, CMR Nashville, UK He is a quality act 8 Yes
Bob Birch, Venture Radio, UK Most impressive as always 8 Yes
Paul Hazell, Radio Uckfield FM. UK He’s becoming a quality act, consistently producing the goods
Tom Lambert, Variety Radio, UK 8 Yes
Ros Ray, Forest FM Radio, UK 8 Yes
Paul West, Hope FM, UK Very good effort 8 Yes
Peter Hills, Waves Radio, France Fantastic release 8 Yes
Arno Beirings, Eagle Radio, Holland 8 Yes
Michael Schroeter, Radio Herford, Germany 8 Yes
Max Achatz, Country Circle Magazine, Germany 8 N/A
Al Field, Shoalhaven FM Radio, Australia Exceptional 8 Yes
Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK Superb performance from David, good n country song that holds the attention. A definite hit for this talented singer 8 Yes
Jackie Blair, Country Music & Dance Magazine, UK 8 N/A
June Williams, KHBW Radio, USA 8 Yes
Friendrich Hog, Radio Free FM, Germany 8 Yes
Lorraine Pfitzner, Radio 2 You FM, Australia 8 Yes
Brian Lewis, Hobart FM, Tasmania Good vocals, good swinging beat, and good backing 7 Yes
John Harrold, BCR FM Radio, Ireland 7
Ted Munslow, Linedance DJ, UK 7 yes
Gerry Ford, 2 Sea FM, Australia 7 Yes
Erik Topholm, Country Kanalen, Radio, Denmark 7 Yes
Derrick Mulford, Linedance DJ, UK 7
Nigel Rennie, BFBS Radio, Cyprus 7 Yes
Phil Roberts, KCR Radio, UK 7 Yes
Colin Thorpe, Erewash Sound Radio, UK 7
Allan Watkiss, UK Country Radio, UK 7 Yes
Sandy Watt, Waves Radio, UK 7 Yes
Joe Fish, BBC Radio Lancashire, UK 7
Ann Hinder, Southern Country magazine, UK 7 N/A
Jackie Storrar, CMR Nashville Radio, UK 7 Yes
Peter Anderl, ORF Radio, Austria 7 Yes
Jacques Dufour, Radio Lyon 1, France 7 Yes
Eddie Ford, Phoenix FM, Australia 7 Yes
Ricky Lee, Warminster Radio, UK Nice 7 Yes
Brette Dominique, Triangle FM, France Honky Tonk song which made me sit up and take notice 7 Yes
Otto Waldoft, Radio Gladsaxe, Denmark Nice track 6 Yes
Ian Ashcroft, Linedance DJ, UK 6
Herbert Fischer, Midtfjord Radio, Denmark Most pleasant 6 Yes
Veronica Capaldi, WHCR Radio, UK 6 Yes
Gordon Davies, Radio Maldwyn, UK 6
Phil Walsh, CRMK Radio, UK Not bad at all 6 Yes
Gerry Warren, 974 Radio, Australia 6 Yes
Goran Ohlzon, Enkoping FM Radio, Sweden 6 Yes
Bart Van der Pol, VLOK Radio, Holland 6 Yes
Adrian Clark, Country Music News International magazine, UK 6 N/A
Dave Walker, Cross Country Magazine, UK 6 N/A
John Bjoersvik, Radio Sotra, Norway 6 Yes
Keith Greentree, BBC Radio Norfolk, UK 6
Helen MacPherson, Moray Firth Radio, UK 6
Tommy Truesdale, West Sound Radio, UK Another goody from Woody! 6 Yes
Barry Gower, Coast FM Radio, Australia 6
Alan Staniland, Radio Warrington, UK 6
Irene Tradewell, Country Routes Magazine, UK 6 N/A
Dave Cash, BBC Radio Kent, UK 6
Henry Garfath, Linedance DJ, UK A nice polished offering 6 Yes
Martin van der Laan, Radio Compagnie, Holland 6 Yes
John Murray, Leith FM, UK 6
Stewart Fenwick, Celtic Music Radio, UK Nice one 5
Gilles Martin, Radio Aria, France 5
Bernie Birch, 7 Waves Radio, UK 5
Richard Kirk, Linedancer Magazine, UK 4 N/A

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