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“The Kind Of Kick In The Pants Country Needs” – by Chris Spector (Music Record – 6/24/11)

Thanks Chris Spector (Music Record Entertainment – 6/24/11) for a thoughtful review:

“DAVID WOOD/Country” -  “A talent manager for over 30 years that finally decides he wants to make records too could pretty easily fit in with the Highwaymen if they decide they want to reconstitute with some ringers.  There’s nothing here that fits any format in any way, but if you miss some classic 70s Jones/Rich etc—the kind of country from wild men that weren’t outlaw, this is fun journey through the past.  Marching to the beat of his own country drummer, there’s spirituality, there’s white trash poverty, there’s cutting loose, there’s all the stuff that made those records so cool.  The kind of kick in the pants country needs.”

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