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Brian Sharman, Wycombe Radio, UK Terrific track from David 10 Yes 

Ray James, Somervalley FM, UK Excellent music 10 Yes

Rolf Hierath, Radio RheinWelle, Germany I thoroughly enjoyed this record 10 Yes

Etienne Berthels, Radio Terre Franche, Belgium Excellent voice, very talented artist 10 Yes 


Doc Schulze, Radio Eurohertz, Germany I will certainly play this 9 Yes 


Alan Potter, Tempo FM, UK Remarkably good song and singer 8 Yes
Ricky Lee, Warminster Radio, UK This is very good 8 Yes

Helen MacPherson, Moray Firth Radio, UK Very good single 8 Yes 

Steve Cherelle, BBC Radio Essex, UK  8 Yes 

Erwin Schapendonk, Centraal FM, Holland Very nice to listen to 8 Yes

Rein Wortelboer, Peelgrass Radio, Holland  8 Yes

Alex Pijnen, ZuidWest FM, Holland Impressive 8 Yes

June Williams, KHBW Radio, USA High standard again from him 8 Yes

Kurt Gabriel, Theben Radio, Austria Very good song 8 Yes 

Dann Hansen, Roskilde Radio, Denmark The lyrics and music fit together to this country song well 8 Yes 

Myriam Perdaens, Cool FM, Belgium  8 Yes 

Per Rodal, Radio Midt-Norge, Norway I like the quality of this 8 Yes 

Hans Mair, Radio Osttirol, Austria  8 Yes 

Michael Schroeter, Radio Herford, Germany Very pleasing 8 Yes 

Ray Pannach, Coast FM, Australia He’s back with another commendable effort 8 Yes 

Lee Williams, CMR Nashville Radio, UK Very good song 8 Yes 

John Morris, Trust AM Radio, UK Most enjoyable 8 Yes 

John Brookfield, Pathfinder magazine, UK Another winner from David Wood 8 N/A 

Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK  8 Yes
Paul West, Hope FM, UK Great stuff 8 Yes 

Dieter Trenkler, Radio Welle Neiderrheine, Germany  8 Yes
Al Field, Triple U FM, Australia Good lyrics  8 Yes

Sandy Watt, Waves Radio, UK  8 Yes
Alan Staniland, Radio Warrington, UK Typically country. Good song and voice 8 Yes

Abel Stel, Radio Brandaris, Holland  8 Yes
Graham McLeod, Black Diamond Radio, UK  8 Yes

Brian Lewis, Hobart FM, Tasmania Great clear country voice, lyrics and backing 8 Yes 



Mike Penard, ISA Radio, France  7 Yes
Olav Lindgren, Radio Avesta, Sweden Production could be better but vocal and song are good 7 Yes
Sean Green, Shine FM, Ireland Nice old style country feel 7 Yes

Alan Priestley, Linedance DJ, UK Old style C&W feel, and good vocal work 7 Yes 

Gerd Stassen, EVW Radio, Germany  7  

Colin Roke, CMR Nashville Radio, UK  7  

Eddie Ford, Phoenix FM, Australia  7 Yes 

Robert MacMillan, Nevis Radio, UK  7 Yes 

Gordon Davies, Radio Maldwyn, UK  7 Yes 

Paul Hazell, Uckfield Radio, UK  7 Yes 

Lucien Knapen, Radio Ariane, Belgium  7 Yes 

Pietro Scazzola, Radio Gold, Italy  7  

Petur Rouch, Faroya Radio, Faroe Islands  7  

Lucien Boes, VRW Radio, Belgium Very good country song, very good voice 7 Yes


Veronica Capaldi, WHCR Radio, UK  6 Yes 

Ross Day, Forest FM, UK Worthy of play 6 Yes
Ian Ashcroft, Linedance DJ, UK Quite a nice song 6 

Barry Dixon, Now Dig This magazine, UK Again, pleasant track 6 N/A
Graham Lees, HMD Radio, UK  6 Yes

Martin Van Der Laan, Radio Compagnie, Holland  6 

Max Achatz, Country Circle magazine, Germany  6 N/A 

John Craven, BCMI Radio, UK  6 Yes 

Peter Anderl, ORF Radio, Austria  6 
Jackie Blair, Country Music & Dance magazine, UK  6 N/A

Eric Pimlatt, Cheshire FM, UK  6 
Bill Black, Heartland FM, UK  6 
Herbert Fischer, Midtfjord Radio, Denmark Good effort 6 Yes

Gerry Warren, 974 Radio, Australia  6 Yes 

Marion Lacroix, Radio Arc en Ciel, France  6 Yes 

Erik Topholm, Countrykanalen, Denmark  6 
Brette Dominique, Radio Sensations, France  6 

David Callister, Manx Radio, Isle of Man  6  

Marie Crichton, BBC Radio Shropshire, UK Nice track 6 
Otto Waldoft, Radio Gladsaxe, Denmark Good vocal on this 6 Yes
Peter Hills, Waves Radio, France  6 
Barry Gower, Coast FM Radio, Australia  6 Yes
Irene Tradewell, Country Routes magazine, UK  6 N/A
Nigel Rennie, BFBS Radio, Cyprus  6 Yes

Dave Cash, BBC Radio Kent, UK  6 
Joe Fish, BBC Lancashire, UK  6 

Tom Lambert, Variety Radio, Ireland  6 Yes 

Bjarne Hesselbjerggaard, Radio Sindal, Denmark Good  6 Yes
Henry Garfath, Linedance DJ, UK Clever lyrics but tune lacking a bit 6 Yes

Lorraine Pfitzner, Radio 2U FM, Australia  6 Yes 

Griz Kitchener, 2GCR Radio, Australia Quite a nice piece of country  6 Yes 

Goran Ohlzon, Enkoping FM Radio, Sweden  6 Yes 

Bart Van Der Pol, VLOK Radio, Holland  6 Yes
John Bjoersvik, Radio Sotra, Norway  6 Yes

Urbain Van Geerteruy, Radio Beiaard, Belgium Ok 6  

Dave Walker, Cross Country magazine, UK  6 N/A 

Ray Grundy, Metro Radio, UK Nice traditional country song 6 Yes


Keith Greentree, BBC Radio Norfolk, UK  5  

Stewart Fenwick, Celtic Music Radio, UK Didn’t do it for me 5  

Gilles Martin, Radio Aria, France  5  

John Murray, Leith FM Radio, UK  5 


Lawrence John, Seven FM, Ireland Average effort  4  

Tommy Truesdale, West Sound Radio, UK  4 
Phil Walsh, CRMK Radio, UK  4 
Brian Clough, EU Vue Radio, UK Unsteady vocal 4 
Colin Thorpe, Erewash Radio, UK  4 
Jean-Claude Michelon, RDA Radio, France  4 

David Miller, Puketapu Radio, New Zealand  4 
Phil Chandler, Live DJ, UK  4 
Richard Kirk, Linedancer magazine, UK  4 N/A
Allan Watkiss, UK Country Radio, UK  4 


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