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From Wiesbaden, Germany: “Hillbilly Juke Box”

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

From Wiesbaden, Germany – “Hillbilly Juke Box” just added and started playing “Eighteen Wheels” from the CD  “DAVID WOOD – Here & Now” ….    Others on the Hillbilly Juke Box playlist include:  Jerry Lee Lewis (with Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Ronnie Wood), Johnny Cash, Bobby Bare and  The Dillards.   ( Is it possible that these folks in Germany know that I lived there for three years of my life in the U.S. Air Force?)

From Munich, Germany – Country Jukebox Magazine

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Country Jukebox Magazine (Munich, Germany) reviews “Here & Now” ……

Check this out …….. http://www.countryjukebox.de/pages/roundup.htm    …….  And – I think it says something like this:   (It’s been years since I lived in Germany and practiced my German !!!)

                 “Not being one to live the retirees life of doing nothing.  Although there are more than 65 years behind him, DAVID WOOD feels fit and has traded the rocking chair for a life full of adventure.  After many years as an artists manager, he decided to finally stand on the stage himself.  A well balanced album with eleven country songs suitably titled:  `Here and Now.’  Relalaxed traditional country music at its finest with wonderful meoldies and songs that tell stories.” 

What Friends & Fans Are Saying ….

Monday, September 13th, 2010

From Ursula in Germany:   “Hello David, I listened all your songs, really great songs and good music. Just I ordered your cd “Here and now” at CDBaby. I am looking forward to getting the cd. Best wishes and greetings to you from “Germany”.” 

From Ken Randall: ” Just had a listen to your songs wow thats a rich country voice there mate. True traditional country. Any one that loves great country would certainly like your style. There is some originality in there but a touch of the greats like Johnny and Jim…”  

From Randi Susan Klein (Los Angeles):  David, I love this! I’m going to go out and howl at the moon! I’ve shared this one (on) my wall. 

From Lisa O’Kane:  Hi David,  We listened to your cd last night…  Sounds great! Loved the bagpipes on the first cut, but we all agreed that our favorite song was the “The Wedding Song”. You sang it with such feeling that it was so obvious that the songwriter (you) knew and felt what he was singing about. Really really good. 

From Loretta & Bill Hamburg:  Hello David,  Bill and I just returned from Las Vegas and we have been listening to your new country music CD. I must say that I really enjoyed every song. Your voice has a mature, distinct sound that reminds me of Waylon, Cash and Willie Nelson. I would rather listen to your music than the other country singers of today who all sound alike. 

From R.S. – “This is a very easy listening album,  and this is one I will listen to often. You have made a significant contribution to the heart and spirit of what I always thought Country music was supposed to be. I grew up with it, and this takes me back to the great days of the Country Greats I remember.” 

From Alma Schoefield:   I live across the Big Pond in Manchester in England, but do go over the the USA once a year …  I enjoyed the tracks I downloaded. I did buy one other album of yours titled “Here and Now” which I also really liked.” 

Please Join The Fan Club Mailing List ….

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

We’re putting together ideas for a 2011 Tour and we want to know where all you folks are at …..   Please click on the link and join the Fan Club.  Then we can let you know when we are playing at a location near you (and we’ll know how to plan  the tour) …… Thank you …… DW