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“If It’s David Wood — It’s Country”

There’s A New CD Comin’ – “DAVID WOOD – Country”

“DAVID WOOD Country” is CD #3 for David. After spending many years managing and representing artists in the Country and Rock genres it became clear that David was destined to present his own brand of “neo-traditional” country music himself. “DAVID WOOD Country” does just that.

On this CD there are songs that rock, songs that tug on your heart strings, and songs that force you to take a look inside of yourself to see where you’ve been and where you’re going. But, isn’t this exactly what country music is supposed to do? This is the CD for which David has been preparing all these years. With “DAVID WOOD Country” – David has made his statement.

No better way to start with the first song, “My Dash,” on “DAVID WOOD Country” which was written by David. Though the “idea” of writing about the “dash” on a tombstone is not new, there have been songs and poems written about it in the past, no one has captured the positive message that David has put on this idea when he awakes from his dream and realizes, “There’s still time to live my dash.” And that’s exactly what David is doing with this CD. He is “Living His Dash.” And, to borrow a phrase from David’s prior CD, he’s living it  – “Here & Now.”

Song Number 9, “The Beer Drinkin’ Song,” in this collection of 11 songs was written by David over three decades ago. He had just returned from Europe where he had been accompanying an artist he was managing on CBS Records, Lacy J. Dalton. David and Lacy were sitting around David’s home after their return from Germany and other European countries (and, of course, drinking beer!) when David suggested that what was needed was a ‘good old American beer drinking song.” At which point Lacy suggested, “Well, why don’t you just write one!” During the course of that afternoon, and probably a few beers more, “The Beer Drinkin’ Song” was born. Some time later, Lacy, Billy Sherril and David were at CBS assembling Lacy’s next album. Finding themselves “one song short of an album,” Lacy said to Billy, “why don’t we record David’s song?” Since David, at the time was still practicing law, Billy retorted, “What the hell did he write…. a legal brief?” Lacy played it, Lacy recorded it and it appeared on her album. Now over thirty years later, it’s David’s turn to record it. And, Charlie McCoy’s signature harmonica licks played such an integral part of the original recording, Charlie was again drafted to repeat his performance on David’s recording also.

The first single from “DAVID WOOD Country” is a Country Rockin’ – Surfer Rockin’ song entitled “Ride The Wild West (Cowabunga)” and you can be assured that you’ve never heard anything like it. It’s a big part on the sands of Wild West country mixed with the Surfer Sounds of the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Giget and the gang on the “other” sands of summer at the beach. There is one truth for sure – you won’t forget this song and you won’t be able to resist the temptation to join in and sing-a-long as you “Ride Ride – Ride Ride.”

Any over-view of this CD would not be complete without mentioning Cut Number 2, “This Old House.” Neil Young wrote this song in about 1986 during the Farm Aid era when farmers all over America were losing their farms. Now – this song is as current today as ever when the foreclosures have disrupted the “American Dream” like never before, “… and tomorrow morning, the man from the bank’s gonna come and take it all away.”

This covers only four of eleven of the songs on this CD. There are seven more of equal quality to savor on this offering of “DAVID WOOD Country.”

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In the middle of the website home page is a link where you can join the Fan Club …. please sign up for the Fan Club Mailing List so that I can give you a “heads-up” when we get the 2011 Tour set up ….. I’ll let you know where we’re going to be and when we are going to be there.  I’m really looking forward to meeting all the folks who have made this “impossible dream” come true ……  DW

Thank You Radio ….

I am so thankful for the way radio and the folks out there are showing their support for “Simple Things” ….. My first single release ….  We liked it when we recorded it – but we didn’t expect this … Radio stations all over the country are playing it and on September 1st it goes out to 400 country stations in Europe …. (I didn’t even know there were 400 stations that played country music in Europe!)    

Who is David Wood and Where Did He Come From?

OK – So – Who was it that said 65 was “mandatory retirement?”  I say, “No Way!”  I’m north of 65 and just gettin’ started – again!     

After years of managing and representing artists, I decided to start singing and performing  myself.   And then a most unexpected thing occurred – I discovered that I loved it.  I should have been doing this all along. 

In Nashville, I was joined by some swell guys at The Sound Hole to produce my CDs.  Add to that the many talented folks who played and sang on my first CD – “DAVID WOOD – Here & Now,”  (I even sang two songs with The Jordanaires!) and I’m one happy camper !  

The result is a revival of Country music which blends the feelings of classic country with the sounds of today.   It’s been written that my music fits in a gap that is missing and is missed in today’s Country music.  I hope that’s so.   But then again, only someone who has a few years behind him, or a number of miles of hard driven road in the rear view mirror,  can really sing some of these songs.  After some friends suggested I record this CD, I thought long and hard about it.  Should give this a try?  Why not?   And when? -   “Here and Now!”

For those of you out there who have the blessings of “age” in common with me – and for those that are just getting started living life – take time to sing about it. Take time to tell the world about it.  You lived it. Now - It’s yours to share. 

They say:    “IF IT’S DAVID WOOD …. IT’S COUNTRY”    And – it’s gonna stay that way !!!   

Hope you enjoy my music …… David

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